Defining My Freedom – more thoughts

staying-on-trackThere are so many topics I want to cover and so much in my head that at this point it’s hard for me to stay on a clear path with one concise topic per blog post.  That definitely bit me in my previous (first) post.  I want to add some other thoughts here.

My quest is to break the shackles of my current life and find the deep happiness and contentedness that currently often eludes me. Freedom from debt slavery, freedom from the consequences of some of my previous decisions, freedom from anxiety as much as is reasonably possible, and yes, financial freedom as I choose to define it.

There are potentially countless other things from which I need to achieve freedom. The desire for more ‘stuff’, the belief I can’t achieve my desires, certain trappings of ‘civilised’ society. I’m certain I have yet to discover many of the things that hold me back and limit my potential. I aim to identify and face them.

I expect this to be a process with no quick fixes. As a matter of fact I don’t expect to ever fully reach the imaginary state of freedom nirvana before my time is over. I intend to continue learning right up to the very end. How boring life would be without a constant need to learn and better myself.

At the end of my last post I provided a list of the reasons why I’m blogging this journey.  If by chance anyone I don’t previously know finds any of this useful in their own journey it would humble me. If it allows those that are closest to me (including my 7 year old son) to better understand the complexity and contradiction that is me it would be a most excellent bonus.

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