This blog is about freedom.  My freedom.  I’ll define what that means to me, discover ways to achieve it, test them to see if they fly, and implement all that I can.  It will take time – probably the rest of my life but I hope to achieve new levels of freedom along the way toward a life that better suits who I am and what I want.

Being part of a family means that ‘I’ often includes ‘we’ so the process will include much input and decision-making from my partner of 15+ years Mrs. Freedom and our 9+ year old son.  Luckily we agree on a lot of things.  Where we often don’t is between Mrs. Freedom’s spontaneity vs. my everything must be planned.  They there’s money comes 3rd on the list for Mrs. Freedom vs. money must always be considered first for me.  As always in relationships communication and compromise will be key.

We currently own a house in Metro Vancouver, Canada.  I am a 48 year old male working in IT industry at an higher education institution for the last 19 years.  I eat too many chips, often don’t get enough sleep or exercise, and crave nature and exploration but don’t get enough of either.

I am passionate in my beliefs about a few things and haven’t yet found room to pursue them much more than research.  I want to make more space for these things.  Social justice, renewable energy, and motorcycle adventure travel are at the top of my list. Photography comes just slightly behind these passions and to that end all photos on this site are taken by me unless I’m in them such as the main photo on the home page which Mrs. Freedom took.

I believe the success of large banking institutions in establishing and enforcing fiat money and using fractional-reserve banking practises over much of the world in the last few centuries has brought humanity and this planet to the edge of destruction. Cheap and abundant oil has fueled (no pun intended) the exponential expansion of the problem to the point most of us have lost touch with the natural balance and life-giving rhythms our planet survives upon.  Will we collectively come to our senses before it’s too late not only for humanity but the rich – and to our knowledge unique in the universe – biosphere that calls Earth home?  Are we even a fraction as insightful as we think we are?

The focus is on freedom.  Not ‘I’ll do whatever the hell I want and don’t try to stop me‘ freedom.  It must be a freedom that lives in harmony with the realities of nature, finite resources, and without undue harm placed upon others.  It must feel right.  I should be able to explain it to my son so he can look me in the eye and agree it’s good for him and his future children (and their future children…)

This blog is mostly for me but I secretly hope others will find value in it too.