Month: July 2018

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Ishmael coverIshmael is a gorilla that understands more about humans than humans do and acts as an unorthodox teacher and spiritual guidance counsellor for people by communicating with them telepathically. As surprising as it may sound this is not a joke and is the makings of genius storytelling by author Dan Quinn.  If you have ever looked at our ‘developed’ society beyond the glossy facade and noticed that things just don’t seem right or that success as defined by this society doesn’t actually seem as rosy as it’s portrayed to be, these books are for you.

My Ishmael coverAt their core these works of fiction are about freedom; freedom from the modern slavery of our institutions and societal constructs. Freedom from the human penchant to chart a path toward global and self destruction that began when we started putting food behind lock and key and has accelerated for centuries to where we find ourselves now, near the end of a age of cheap and plentiful oil. Ishmael urges one to re-evaluate everything you think you already know about people and this planet. It will turn your world upside down.  It will sting and it will resonate.

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Strawberry Towers Without PVC

When Mrs Freedom wanted strawberry towers in our backyard garden to explore a bit of vertical gardening I of course searched the interwebs for what others have done in this regard as we all know there’s no original thoughts or actions left to be had. See what everyone else does, follow a simple online tutorial, and we’d be up and running in no time. What I found is it’s nearly impossible to find garden strawberry tower options that don’t involve PVC in the discussion. It’s the de facto material of choice. So is it safe for use in your garden?

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